Winter Banner for Husky Subreddit

We have just completed our winter design for the Husky subreddit and looking forward to them changing it to celebrate the holidays! Our in house artist Julia has dedicated countless hours to creating this wonderful image for the Husky community!

2021 Q1 Launch Expected

Wallpupper is finally in its final stages of testing. We are anticipating a first quarter launch in January of 2021 and will feature over 1000 wallpapers, over 30 breeds and many more cool features.

Android to Follow

The Android version of Wallpupper will go into development Early to Mid Q1 of 2021 and will utilize all of Androids native functions. We are expecting to have the Android port towards the end of Q1.


Wallpupper wishes everyone a safe and happy holidays! We are excited to see everyone in the new year! If you aren’t following our Instagram and Twitter, head over there and stay up to date with our designs while we await the app launch!




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The best dog app on the planet!

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